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Quantities: Our usual orders for most products are based 20' and 40'FCL's basis. We also accept LCL shipments, starting from 5 M/Tons onwards, on most Spice, Herbs and Dried Fruit Products.
Schedules: We are able to fulfill weekly and monthly schedules of most products which we work with, in order to cover your specific demands on a timely manner.
Custom Branding: Upon client's request, we also develop own branding and identity on each shipment.
Pepper: Black, White, Rose (Ground, FAQ, ASTA, 550gl, 580gl, 630gl)
Nutmegs: S/A 100/110, 80/90, 60/70, ABCD, BWP, Ground, Mace
Turmeric: Slices, Ground(3 - 5% Curcumin)
Cloves: Ground, Whole Hand Picked 1st class, Whole 2nd class, Clean Stems  
Cassia: A, AA, A Sticks, KBBC 1 - 2.5% V.O., Ground
Cinnamon: Alba, H1, H2, H3, M4, M5, C4, C5, C5-Special, Quillings
Dehidrated Garlic: Flakes, Ground, Granules 8-16,16-26, 26-40, 40-80
Dehidrated Onion: Flakes, Ground
Saffron: Flowers, Ground (1st class & 2nd)
Other: Coffee - Cocoa - Tea
Dried Fruits: 
Desiccated Coconut: Fine Grade, Medium Grade (Low Fat, Medium Fat, High Fat)
Dried Apricots: Industrial, Diced, Whole (5 - 10kg packaging)
Dried Figs: Lerida, Pulled, Protoben, Garland (5 - 10kg packaging)
Dates: Jumbo, Sayer, GAQ, Rabbi, Piarom, Select
Raisins: Type 8, Type 9, Type 10, Type 11, Thomson (Jumbo, Standard, Medium, Small)
Fruit Chips: Banana, Mango, Papaya, Pinneapple
Sun Dried Tomatoes
Laurel/Bay Leaves: 1st Class Hand Picked, FAQ, Semi Select, Ground
Other: Dill, Thyme Leaves, Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint, Sage, Basil, Parsley Flakes,
           Oregano, Linden, Rosemary
Almonds: Non Pareil, Carmel, Monterrey, Peerless, Butte, Blanched
Walnuts: Chandler, Hartley, Howard, Vina
Hazelnuts: Barcelona, Ennis, Jefferson (sizes from 9/11 to 16mm+)
Pistachios: Natural, Roasted & Salted (22/24 - 24/26 - 26/28 - 28/30 - 30/32)
Legumes, Grains & Seeds:
Lentils: Laird #1, #2, #3, X3, Eston, Richlea, (Green, Brown, Yellow, Red)
Other: Navy Beans, Kidney Beans, Maize, Corn, Mustard Seeds
Canned Products: Pineapple, Peaches, Tropical Fruit Cocktail, Palmheart, Tuna, Tomatoes 


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